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  1. Sawyers_Stash
    I have alot of fun making signatures and they comes out sloppy sometimes but they are fun and something to do while I relax inbetween doing stuff during the day.
  2. scocub
    I enjoy making signature banners. There are some people on here that really do some exceptional work. I like to think mine at least look decent in comparison. I put a lot of Nine Inch Nails quotes in my sigs since I 'm a big fan.

    Here's a few I've made...

  3. Sawyers_Stash
    I love the first one.
    And the black and white on the last one is so striking those were my favorite.
    Really cool
    I put up one I made..I don't know if anyone can put pictures or if only i can do it cuz i started up the not great at webpages..but if you can post up. I know everyone has some really cool signatures.
  4. GoldenB
    I love Photoshop!

    I just don't have it anymore...
  5. scocub
    I added two of my favorite Jack sigs that I made. The evolution banner is the one I'm most proud of. If you look really close the faded text in the background is the lyrics to "Hurt" by Nine Inch Nails.
  6. Sawyers_Stash
    I like the faded text. I'm really bad at photoshop.. I did the hamster one photoshop and one more that I made for Jtavano...but other then that I worked with Paint. Photoshop is useful...but I may be to dumb to work it...sad.

    The evolution one is really neat. I like the idea of jack through the ages. And you picked good shots.
    I also like KateKnowsAll and the inverted Locke... That was such a ...creepy moment for early Locke. A good one
  7. scocub
    The evolution one is really neat. I like the idea of jack through the ages. And you picked good shots
    Thanks Stash. It took me a while to get all the faces just right.
  8. Isolation815
    I'm not a fan of big flashy banners... I usually prefer just formatted text, or a smaller graphic...
  9. CurbFan
    I usually prefer just formatted text
    About a man who likes to wear skirts... hmmm...
  10. GoldenB
    Are you wearing a skirt Curby?
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