The Jericho Sheriff's Office

  1. noozman5
    Rest In Peace Jericho............unless Sci Fi un-cancels you !!!
  2. diggler
    Ironicly...even JERICHO couldn't withstand it's own nuclear apocalypse!
  3. ItsAKey
    But if they uncancel it how are they going to fix the mangled plot?! Hawkings dead. Chung died after like knowing him for two seconds and they got to bomb to texas! what would happen??
  4. noozman5
    Great News from REDSHIRT FOREVER. A Comic Book version of JERICHO is due this Fall, 2009' That's better than nothing......sort of.
    Here's the Info:
  5. Deyve
    Hawkins isn't dead, he just got shot. He's very much alive in end of Season 2.

    Obviously if it continued, it would be about the 2nd American Civil War.

    Comic series is okay, but I want live action damnnit! Where's this movie they keep talking about?!?
  6. Kisiwa
    So sad this was canceled! I just started watching the DVDs, and while the music SUCKS more than on any other TV show I can think of - even WB shows - the show itself is great. I'm a new fan.
  7. noozman5
    Thanks to REDSHIRT FOREVER, Here's a link to more info about the upcoming JERICHO Comic Book and.....and....Maybe, A MOVIE !!!!
  8. jska108
    I cannot wait!
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