I Share A Name With A Lost Character

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  1. LostHeroes
    I share a name with four Lost characters!
    My name is Charles, some people call me Charlie. Thats... Charlie Pace, Charles Widmore, and Charlie Hume!
    Also, my middle name is Thomas, so I gues I'll knock Claire up!
  2. John Locke is Kobe Bryant
    John Locke is Kobe Bryant
    First name is John, and my middle name is Ray, like Doctor Ray.
  3. jska108
    My mother's name is ALSO Kathryn () Anne <last name>.

    Dominick=Dominic M!
  4. Burnt_by_Lava

    Hurley's dad and "friend."
  5. SolutionFinder
    Elizabeth (Libby, if you can't think who that is. )
  6. Uncle Eko
    Uncle Eko
    Adam, as in Adam and Eve. Also Shannons dad, and some Other we saw in 'A Tale of Two Cities'. So basically, barely anyone!
  7. S~V~S
    I'm Sherry, the name of the girl Edmund, Juliets husband, is screwing around with. Not a major character, but still a pivotal one, ha ha~!
  8. LostBoyJack
    I'm Paul of which there are may equivalents (Spanish = Pablo, Russian = Pavel..) but the one on Lost is Paulo.

    Paul was also Amy's first husband who got shot by the Others.
  9. Bigg Breakfast
    Bigg Breakfast
    Benjamin as in Benjamin Linus! The man the myth the legend!
  10. HossDawg97
    Charles, but everyone calls me Chuck.
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