Who loved seeing Jack in Across The Sea?

  1. tanister

    Also, it made me wonder if that was a foreshadowing of some sort. I know it's about 99% that Jack's going to be THE candidate, but do you think Jack being the one to find the sack of stones and have them in his hand was kind of like a passing the torch?

    I also wonder if that was a foreshadow that the three people in that scene (Locke, Kate, Jack) will be our final three.
  2. LostBoyJack
    I love seeing Jack in any episode!
    I was feeling unjacked during that episode until the last scenes.
    It was so cool to see him there and trigger the memories..especially of his chest hair!
    I mean, Where TF did that go??? That had better be answered in the last few hours.
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