Jack Rules!

  1. LostBoyJack
    I love this group!
    Sometimes when I read the anti Jack posts especially through the bleak season 4, I felt I was the only one who still thought Jack was the one!
    I have it on my sig (He, who will save us all) and an older sig had "He walks among us but he is not one of us"....
    He was absolutely amazing in the Candidate!
  2. daguerreo
    I'm a huge Sawyer/Kate fan, but I've always loved Jack since day 1. He's suffered so much... when he was crying at the end of "The Candidate" my heart broke a little bit for him. Team Jack!
  3. tanister
    Yay. I was starting to think I was like...the only one that's loved Jack this whole time. I really cannot understand why so many people have disliked him.
  4. MilesSmiles
    Jack and Locke have always been my #1's since I began watching. Of course LOST has a wide scope, but it's really been about these two most of the time, so this season has been pretty crazy for me. I love these two guys, and how Locke isn't Locke but Anti-Locke, and Jack is fighting on Locke's side now. It's such an amazing arc they laid out for these two. The last time I got a gander at anything from seasons 1-3 (in the form of LOST Chronology) was probably like November or December. So I'm really looking forward to my rewatch with a complete season 6 under my belt. It'll be so great once it's finished.
  5. LostBoyJack
    It's going to be great in one way but a major bummer in another..finished means...FINISHED = No More = OMG!
    Let's see what Matthew Fox will do next..
  6. Citic
    I loved Jack since day 1. Sinnce the pilot. I never strayed and have always stuck by him. He walks among us but he is not one of us. So true, he is so much more.
  7. Raining Tragedy
    Raining Tragedy
    Same here. Been a Jack fan since I watched the pilot and never stopped loving his character the whole way through.

    Oh how many threads of defending Jack against haters lol, how I will miss it and Lost!
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