I Spam My Friends User Page With AD And 30 Rock Quotes And I'm Proud Of It!

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  1. Lollipop
    Just noticed this group! Just finshed watching season two of AD last night.

    *prepares to spam*
  2. Roo
    Quote Originally Posted by drd
    Roo and I started spamming each other with Kingpin quotes. "Who are you, Alfred Einstein?"
    My fave:
    Ishmael: Run for the hills everybody, there's a giant sh*t-cloud coming.

    Tman and fsuer spam me w/soccer scores *shakes head*
  3. lostaddict12
    I mean, I guess it would just be a guy who you know, grabs bananas and runs. Or, um, a banana that grabs things. I don’t know. Why would a banana grab another banana? I mean, those are the kind of questions I don’t want to answer.
  4. lostaddict12
    "Mock Trial with J. Reinhold! Mock Trial with J. Reinhold!"
  5. lostaddict12
    sounds like I need to start watching this 30 Rock show too
  6. lostaddict12
    Michael: (Into phone.) Really? And all the guys like her, huh? That is, that is, that is great. Uh, you mean “away,” though, right? Because otherwise it sounds a little different, but, uh, that’s, uh, that’s outstanding. You forgot to say “away” again. But listen, let me call you back in a bit, okay? Bye. (To Lindsay.) Nellie has blown them all away.

    is it kind of sad that I figured that one out before he said the last line?
  7. shirinma83
  8. angie
    GOB: I've never admitted to making a mistake.
  9. AlaskaDave
    OK its back on, ready to crank it back up?

  10. fredcar
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