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  1. Good Omen
    Good Omen
    THEEF...see above...

    ...i didnt expect that....
  2. lostaddict12
    I got the Monty Python's Flying Circus Page-a-day calendar for Christmas
  3. torrycoo
    Since watching The Hungarian Phrasebook sketch, it always has me wary of tourist phrase books
  4. torrycoo
    I have been posting using a german Phrase book in the German forum took me ages to work out probally makes no sense have a look if you want but as far as I know i fondled no ones buttocks in the makeing of my posts
  5. torrycoo
    is this the place for the Argument ?
  6. torrycoo
    clearly not starts to argue with myself what you looking at
  7. lostaddict12
    Happy 66th Birthday, Eric Idle!!
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