The Dream Team

Well on night i had a dream I went to school and he was the new kid Everyone thought he was weird because his dad was a doctor(i don't know why?)
so we became friends then i woke up and noticed it was still to early to get up so i went back you bed then We were walking home together and somehow We both found ourselves on the island ...(and well every thing that happen)but it was not like the show cause i have seen it all it just flashed till he was calling The Boat. Then screamed NOOOO!!! and crashed into jack and the phone as the phone broke i looked around not noticing what i have done As Ben smiled at me ! As someone hit me in the neck i woke up tied next to Ben(witch i hated) as sidied was trying to repair the The phone and while kate and jack was looking for noemi

Then they knoked me out again(yeah they were mad)It was weird but some how sidie fixed the phone and well i was on the hilicopter on Jack's lap as sun was upset because her husbend just died

I was let off the plane as the Oceanic 7
and when we got off and i asked jack why and he answers because i love you !

Kinda of a corny dream but well I was Lost On the island

For lost Seem real to me there is a island i just want to go (back)

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