The Dharma Dolls

Hey Lostpedia men, who said that female LOST fans aren't sexy?! Members of the Dharma Dolls are, of course, the loveliest ladies of the Lostpedia forums.

Right now, The Dharma Dolls are in their initial stages. We are currently accepting membership requests from all women who are registered on the Lostpedia forums.

We are also conducting several two week trial periods for those who wish to hold an officer position (Sexy Stationettes) in order to see how certain applicants will mesh with our current S.S.'s. Please PM TimeTravelingBunny or LadyTesla for more information on becoming a Sexy Stationette.

But, don't worry if all of the Sexy Stationette positions are filled! You can still be a member of The Dharma Dolls. Simply PM TimeTravelingBunny or LadyTesla and tell them of your interest in being a member. Simply choose between being a Proud Other or Proud Beachie.

Miss Tempest and Miss Pearl

Sexy Stationettes:
Miss Tempest--LadyTesla, Founder and President
Miss Pearl--TimeTravelingBunny, Co-Founder and Vice-President
Miss Staff--froglars
Miss Orchid--lilkatielady
Miss Swan--lockesluv
Miss Flame--corbienne
Miss Looking Glass--DrinkDharmaBeer
Miss Hydra--ItsAKey
Miss Arrow--Julietlover42

Proud Beachies:
Team Jacob

Proud Others:

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