lets be serious, if Jacob didnt believe Locke did not have a crucial role to play in all of this, he would of never ressurected him. Also, Jacob whispers to Locke I am sorry you had to go through all of this, its going to be alright. If you believe those words spoken by Jacob then you would have to believe Locke is destined for great things because right now we are left with locke who never fulfilled his destiny and was murdered in cold blood by Ben. Jacob visited Locke at that point because he is one of the Losties that will play a huge role in season 6. Locke has been thrown out a building, shot in a spot which would of killed him if it wasnt for losing his kidney, had a miraculous birth and was able to walk after crashing on the island which is a true miracle in itself. Anything is possible now that the bomb went off. And the last season is called destiny found, LOCKE IS DESTINY ALL THE WAY. I have faith in the writers just like Locke's real char had faith in the island.

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