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    What's wrong is that it annoys most people, someone already reported you once for it. Plus there's just no need to bump threads from 06...you only did a few so it's not a huge deal but we've had to temp ban other users in the past for bumping old threads out of boredom or whatever. You're a good user though and add to LP, so I'm hoping it's just a slow day at work or whatever.

    Btw, you need to hit 'view conversation' and post in the new window that opens, otherwise you just reply on your own profile page and others don't know that you've responded unless they go back to your page and check.
  2. Why, whats wrong with it? People seem to like it. And the threads now are boring. Wouldnt you rather have people on here having fun then just reading the same old threads? In 6 months to a year, what then? If people stop coming on here, will it matter if the dedicated peeps wanna have some fun and do this? Not trying to be rude or anything i'm just curious?
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    Hey, how about you stop bumping these old threads? It's considering trolling when you do it in this manner. Thanks.
  4. Same here brotha lol, its funny tho! Keep up the good work, i'm sure you can help me spice up some of the old threads. I just go through the 600+ pages of old threads and pic something to respond to.
  5. sorry for bitin' your style in those old threads, I'm super bored and I'm at work, haha.
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    Thanks. I loved that scene.
  7. Yeah no prob.. i never really understood what these points battles are.. i mean i know its someone versus someone, but for what?... popularity?.. is it made up of something or just our votes for who we like? when is jack going against locke?
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    Thanks for that. Jack won. Now its between Locke and Sawyer. Jack will have a better chance against Locke so we need to vote him.
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    Hey Citic. Jack needs your help. Please vote..
    Jack v Hurley
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    I have a near on certainty that Jack will be paramount to everything working out. Ben, Richard, Jacob, Locke or Flocke for that matter don't seem to concerned about anyone, especially Oceanic wise. Jack was from the very beginning the man that everyone looked to; I have ultimate faith in him. However, he has had his dips! But that is almost the relation I can draw to him. He is awesome. Although I believe his reasons for trying to cause "the incident" were slightly misguided.
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Jack pulling the trigger aimed at Lockes head- Best Jack moment ever.
RIP Jack, I'm glad you made it to where you did. I'm glad you found happiness and peace. You were the hero the island needed and deserved.
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