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    So since you never visit my fave thread anymore I wanted to ask you...(since you always have a good enough answer)...

    I just figured out that if Barry isn't allowed to be killed by Jacob, then his soul or conciousness or whatever shouldn't have ever left his body so it could combine with EM energy and create Smoke...so what up with that? Barry should've just teleported out of the Source like Jack did, but without dying.

    I think I'm just gonna have to chalk it up to bad writing. Which should make you happy.

    Otherwise, though, without resorting to "bad writing", I find it literally impossible that Barry is the Smoke Monster. *sigh*

    Anyway sorry to bug you, but it's your fault for not going to my fave thread!!! Hahahahaha!
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    I hope you're okay with being Ilana in a Hed I just posted.

    I hope everyone gets it:

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    You have hed!
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    Am I correct in assuming you look something like this:
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    You have hed.
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    You know I actually just found out what a spork is the other day
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    Just wanted to tell you that I agree with you, and I'm sorry some people are giving you a hard time over your opinion. I tried to stop it before the whole thread broke out into an arguement, but....... I guess it didn't work. Anyway don't feel bad about it :S
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    I got you hedded again with Hellraiser this time.
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    Glad you liked it! I've made more of the Hugo one... haha!
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    Had to do it... Hope it makes you smile: http://forum.lostpedia.com/showpost....ostcount=46586
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