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    happy birthday!
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    Ok then your choice I gave you a short time out last time this time it is longer. Before you come back why don't you think for a bit if you want to test if the next one will be a perma or just a longer temp, or if you just want to walk away on your own.
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    No because after your little time out you return to trolling.
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    So I assume you are trying to tell us that you no longer want a account here.
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    Give the purgatory thing a rest man. You're being a complete troll.
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    Seeing as all you seem to want to do is say the same thing over and over you are not adding anything useful to the forum maybe you will add something different after a little time out.
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    Grymmy!! its here!! the finale!!
    What will the merge mean for the two Realities? Will the losties have to make a choice, will that choice involve "sacrifice?"....stay on island, and die with it.....or live a "happy ever after" in the Fs. People are asking "is the FS real?", i think the writers have categorically stated, BOTH timelines are real. We know Jughead created a "Fork in the path of time" after that time was split into 2, but the merge means those two paths are now becoming one again. Looks like eloises 'Event' wil be the nexus point, right?. So the FS and the island are to become one cohesive flow again (as they were out of time, the FS is 2004 ans the island is 2007, although they were running parallel) WHAT DOES IT MEAN!! THIS IS THE QUESTION WHICH MATTERS!!
    Thanks for being a great lostie friend Grymmy, we are both some of the original crew here. Not amny left at this point...a bit like the lostiers on island, the numbers are dwindling!!
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    I sent you a PM....but now I'm not seeing it in my sent file. Please, please, please tell me you got that and I didn't lose everything I just typed! Geez, you'd think I was computer illiterate or something.
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    hey there...sorry took so long to get back to you! I would like to just send you a PM on the crab legs. Will be too long for a quick message here.
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    I was going to be and I think I reconsidered later on cause I wouldn't be there for selection, maybe the OP just didn't pull me from the contest. Oops.
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