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  1. hey peeps!! sorry i havent been on LP my co-worker drove over my laptop with a worktruck while we where out of town doing a job!! Man was i pissed, more so since i havent been able to post on the last season for the past like 4 episodes!!! I dont know if itll be good till its to late? I miss you all!! Especially my constant girl!!
  2. Hey bobby. Just letting you know ur being missed very much.

    Hope to hear from you soon hon.
  3. Awww Thank you for the compliment, but believe me being attractive is not everything, and despite what people think, I am very lonely. I feel very separate from most people. I don't consider myself to be so great looking, though. In my mind, I still feel like I use to. In school as a kid I was real chubby, and tall, and had crazy curly hair. I was made fun of a lot, so I had to stick to myself, and I really worked on being a good person inside. I blossomed later, in my late teens. I hate mean people, and I feel sorry for people who have to deal with it.

    Ohhhhhhhhh boy.... I really got of track here. I'm so sorry.

    Well since you like my colors, I will use them always.
  4. You were kicked off? What on earth for? Like I always say, some people here are over sensitive when it comes to this show. I'm sorry that happened to you. Glad you came back though
    Yeah I have had some people criticize my color text and just be mean to me for no reason. Like every time I would post something, there where one or two who would be right behind me challenging everything I wrote. One person said that "I made them sick". I was called a tramp... Yet I do try to be nice to everyone.
    I can't imagine why you were sent off, your so sweet in interesting.
  5. Aww thank you.

    Yeah who ever doesn't like Lost is STUPID! ;P

    Actually there are only about 3 people here who really talk to me. (as in more than just hi and by) I guess because I'm still considered new, and I found that some of the girls, and even guys have been a little rude and viscous with me.
    Oh well enough about my depression and problems. Didn't mean to bring you down to my level.

    ok I even lost my will to post color....
  6. Ur lucky, My boyfriend didn't even watch the show, and now that I'm practically dumped.... Lost and some ice cream are the only things I can look forward too in life.

    ha yeah I'll log on too after I watch it. Curious to see what people think.
    lol I guess ur co workers have their own ideas huh. Most do, we all think we are right.
  7. Yeah it does suck, because I have no one to talk to about it afterward. Thats the fun part. Well at least you have that one person. I guess watching it with ur spouse is the best.
  8. YES!!!!! But I feel bad because I'm watching it alone. It was always with my sister, now she won't here or around. She's watching it with some guy now. ;..(
  9. haha It was a mistake. I think? I can't take the waiting anymore!!!!!!!!
  10. You have a lot on ur plate there. Well it's a lot better than just doing nothing, or always being board.
    You ready for Tuesday? I wanna slap myself because I saw the opening scene already on youtube. It wasn't my intention, but it just happened that way. I'm kinda sorry I did.
    geeezzz I feel like a cheater or something lol ;P
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