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    You're baaack

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    Permabanned for consistently posting spoiler based theories, despite having been previously warned and temp banned for this.
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    As for Jacob/MIB being Romans, that is certainly a possibility. But really, while we got a good many answers on Tuesday night, there is still some explaining to do re Jacob/MIB. In addition to the knife and their clothing...there is still one issue about the statue. We now know how it came down...but we still don't know who put it up! Jacob? MIB? I don't know. But generally, those sorts of statues indicate some sort of faith/protection. Also...we now understand a lot more about their feud...but I think they still need to give us more intel about the nature of their beings. Were they ever 'human'? Or might they be 'gods' out of some (maybe Roman) culture? I don't know.
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    I agree about Nestor's on-screen chemistry with MP. But you know what? - I am REALLY enjoying his scenes with Matthew Fox. That scene in the BR with the dynamite was near perfection, as far as I was concerned. You have no IDEA how many times I have replayed that bit! LOL

    I am really eager to see what happens now on Team Jacob, given that Richard is sort of 'safely back in the fold'. I am hoping we see a lot more of RA/Jacob scenes...and a lot more of RA/Jack scenes. Wouldn't mind more scenes with Isabella too...but that's the fangirl romantic in me talking. Teehee!
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    Part III

    Another bit I'm interested in (although I don't know if they will get to it) is the Dalai Lama testing of kid Locke. That test was pretty 'mystical' in nature.... and I'm really interested to see how it ties in with his religious side...as well as his role as Jacob's intermediary. From the way he bolted from the room, clearly Richard was a 'believer' in something there - some 'otherworldly' influence that caused kid Locke to pick up the knife... I really hope they explore that bit...although I'm not sure that they will.
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    Part II
    Now, we still don't know about how the army officers died (although my bet is on Widmore, who was ever-anxious to kill at the drop of a hat) and we still don't know who ordered the purge of the DI. I am hoping that the writers follow through with this theme of Richard being a fairly religious and moral man, and have the purge in particular not be on his orders....but I guess we will see. Maybe.

    You know, there is so much of this anti-religion stuff out in the forum - what do you think about Richard turning out to be a fairly devout (if originally rather uneducated) Catholic? I actually sorta like it, myself. It adds yet another unique dimension to him, since the only other characters who have ever shown any interest in religion were Charlie and Des. Personally, I love that whole Canary Islands backstory - wish we could see more of that...but they probably don't have any more time....
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    Yeah, I've watched this episode 3 times, and will probably watch it again today sometime. Which is more than I have watched any episode NOT yet on DVD.

    I am actually looking forward to watching many of his episodes again, given this new information. And as for when he shot Keamy...well, that is still one of my favorite LOST moments (two fave characters, blah, blah). But I don't think Richard would have done it unless he was doing it to save someone else, which in this case, was Sayid.

    I mean, it was either kill (or try to kill) Keamy...or stand by and let Keamy murder Sayid. So I don't think killing Keamy, even if he had been successful, would have been murder. It was in defense of someone else.
  8. I agree. That episode was like a feature film. It definitely knocked a lot of episodes out of the way to become easily #2 on my favorites. If ever there was a perfect episode of LOST, Ab Aeterno was it.
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    Nice idea. I definitely think that kid is Mini Jacob.
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    Yes, I was thinking the same thing.

    And yet, the one that Ben actually used to kill Jacob was a modern looking military knife.
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