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    I loved it, it was confusing though because it seemed like that was THE END! I heard it was actually supposed to end there but it got renewed for another season or something?

    I've really enjoyed the whole thing but Season 6 was a bit of a letdown and I sorta lost interest. tbh I can't really remember the story either. A war in Heaven, Castiel going to the dark side and something about Lilleth I can't remember anything lol. I will watch the last 3 eps at some point before Season 7 starts.

    I meant to send you a message when I got to the meta episode, you know the one you said was the funniest ep ever, it was hilarious. That and the changing channels ep in season 5 was really really funny
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    Lol, I did mean the PS3 game.
    No, I really didn't.

    Haha. I think you should have a go sometime, I think you'll be good at it.
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    Hey Alex, have you ever played mafia before?
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    I'm Lucifer and Titus Welliver is War: http://forum.lostpedia.com/ive-just-...64471p493.html
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    Yeah I doubt you would be looking for differences in muscles Watching the seasons back to back it's easier for me to notice these things.

    Castiel = badass!
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    I'm sorry I keep spamming your wall with Supernatural posts but I just started Season 4! I'm loving the direction the show is going, it's my favourite so far, the episodes are MUST watch. And boy Sammi grew himself some muscles between Season 3 and Season 4 . That is all, I will stop with the spam now
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    I watched it!!!!!!!!!!! So he is in hell!? Sam has now activated his powers?! Loved the episode, I need to move on to Season 4 pronto PS That Lilith demon as the little girl was seriously creepy.
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    I had a little break from it but I'm back on it now. Yesterday I watched the ep with the return of the Trickster and today I watched Ghostfacers so funny. I've only got a few more eps until I've finished S3. I NEED to know how Dean doesn't go to hell?!?! or does he don't tell me either way
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    Here you go, man. I'll put up promos in a couple minutes,

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    Okay, Ill get it ready in the next half-hour or so.

    Looking forward to your answers!
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I liked the lesbians last night, but I have no idea who Mayor Tommy Carcieri from The Wire is supposed to be, except that he screwed over the king's advisor for some reason instead of helping him. And there was no midget last night, which sucked because I like the midget. And Drago's smoking hot wife isn't getting naked anymore now that she's pregnant, so I hope she has the kid pretty soon so she can start getting naked again (hopefully).


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