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    you know what's fun about writing a fan fiction over a tv series? I can go back and edit things (recon) if I don't like what I wrote. When I wrote that bit I was trying to reconcile how there could be a Smokey when mom was around and yet not be THE smokey... That was my best idea. I have another, better one now. I'll let you know when I figure out how to add it into the story... might be a while. But basically - Mother went into the Light as part of her Protector Ceremony, and obtained the power of the Smoke. But found it rather unnecessary and horrific, so she didn't want it for Jacob. MIB got it, without the 'vision' of how important the Light was that the Protector gets (now you're like me)

    If you haven't read Wheel of Fortune, I would read that next before Other After. Being Protector is more of a stand alone and not necessary for Other After.

    I'm so glad you like it so much!!
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    Nothing published, yet. If there's one thing I've learned from Lost, it's to finish the story first and then go back and get rid of any loose ends that you couldn't resolve in the narrative.
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    I have 2 books written of an original trilogy and I REALLY need to write the 3rd. So after Being Protector I have promised my family and 'editors' that I will focus on that until it's done. Lost has distracted me for far too long this year!! But writing for it has helped me be a better author, I think...
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    Thank you so much for letting me know you're reading it and enjoying it! I'm so glad you like it! I've worked very hard and put in many, many hours! Not that I didn't love every minute of it, though. haha!
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    Hmmm. As far as Harry Potter goes, the "Wizard" books by Diane Duane and the "Dark is Rising" series by Susan Cooper are kind of similar. The "Chronicles of Prydain" by Lloyd Alexander is another good fantasy series with a more serious tone, and of course you can't go wrong with The Lord of the Rings. Hitchhiker's is tougher because those books are pretty unique. There's a series by Harry Harrison called "Bill the Galactic Hero" which is a parody of space opera. The "Discworld" fantasy books by Terry Pratchett (and there are a bunch of them) have a similar kind of British humor. But I really can't think of anything that's exactly like Hitchhiker's. If you're looking to read some books that seemed to have a major influence on LOST, you might try The Wizard of Oz and Alice in Wonderland. They're both pretty good and surprisingly different from the movies.

    I hope that helps.
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    Absolutely. It's a shame though. Most of the hardcore anti-whh crowd aren't around anymore. I think the majority of them got banned for blowing a gasket too many in our debates!
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    Yeah, that was the point that had me stuck. So many things don't add up if you assume that MIB is Smokie. He definitely died. The point is that MIB has no power. Smokie has it. Mother even confirmed it when she said that Jake was the special one all along. She just didn't see it until late. Did the light tunnel give MIB powers? Well if it did, his dead body means the only way MIB's soul could survive is to be fused with Smokie. And if that's the case he's been a spirit (albeit messed up spirit) all this time, and his body we saw in ABA was just his choice for the day. He seemed to switch from Christian to Yemi to Christian to spider to to horse to Christian to Alex pretty freely and quickly. Which is why I think as a fun little easter egg we've seen the Hurley Bird, the spiders on Expose, and the butterfly on ABA. Because he can inhabit any creature's dead body...
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    Thank you! And thanks for the add. --Best
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    Good question.

    I also now wonder if Smokey is MIB at all, or if it just thinks it is?
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    Thanks! You can also say that the island is the heart of everything, it's light is what sparks the world, what keeps it operating. I love this show, and that it makes me think.
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