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    Hey good to see you back! I was wondering where you got off to. What'd you think of the finale??
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    About my ''Be nice to Ben'' theory...I realized that those who harmed Ben the worst, had even to die twice: Sayid, who tortured him, and shot him as a kid = died, infected, exploded.
    Kearny, who killed his daughter = killed, and overkilled while already dead.
    Could it be on purpose by the writers?..Was really ''Be nice to Ben'' the test to pass to survive?..

    About the rewatch I'm already rewatching, starting with One of Them: it's so delightful that I know bruised, bleeding, little Henry Gale is actually going to outlive almost everyone of the main cast, and the series finale itself
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    Thanks your most excellent! Also I'd like to point you to this thread, let me know what you think
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    Welcome back!!!!
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    Hey, sweety! Where are you? We miss you and we are worried! Give us a sign that you are ok.
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    Well right now I'm rocking a scruffy ass beard, and I don't have any recent pics of me beardless. That's the only way to judge. =) It takes 5 years off me when I'm smoov.
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    yeah, ny is expensive - i am always flat broke - but it's so worth it, and lots of stuff is cheap or free believe it or not - biggest exception is apartments of course - read Time Out NY magazine and lots of books on how to live "free and cheap in NYC" - sure makes it easier to get by.
    plus, nearly everyone you know (except your landlord and boss ) will all be broke too, so that makes it a lot easier as well .

    chicago is great, though - i "moved" there for 2 weeks a long time ago in my horribly misspent youth to be with my best friend, but i couldn't find a job and had $0, so had to go back to my cheaper town. i was sooo sad - i loved it there.

    but yeah, M.E. is supposed to come back here after LOST !!! any play he is in, i'm there! i will eat nothing but rice and water if i have to - his plays will no doubt be far beyond my budget .
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    Yes, I know that Thanks for caring so much. Now I gotta go and prepare my stuff.
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    Thank you
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    Yeah I totally know what you mean about the pizza thing. I overprepare for everything. But yes, I don't want to obsess. I do think I'm going to text her in a little bit to tell her to be careful on her drive back to where she goes to school. There's alot of bad weather and flooding.
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