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  1. In that case it is unfair. But then, it might've been that you were a bum and spent your last dime on a losing lottery ticket, and some guy just before you buys the winning one. Then a time traveler goes back in time and messes with stuff, and *pow*, the guy before you no longer exists and you end up buying the winning one. I.e, it doesn't need to be negative.

    All you would remember, unless you are the time traveler yourself, is the reality *now* as has been changed/made by whatever effects time travelers make.
  2. Right.
  3. Well yeah. But that's not really what I was trying to get at.

    Say you're not the time traveler, but a time traveler has just gone back to the past, and is exerting his free will in his present there. How would that effect you in your present? I mean, say time travel is possible and people are doing it right now - their affecting the past the suit themselves say. How would we even know? All we know is whats the case *now*. A moment ago you might've been sailing on a yacht, then someone goes back in time, messes with the timeline, resulting in you *now* sitting at a computer reading message from some dude on a tv show forum site. In another moment you might be in a completely different situation, due to time travelers doing stuff, and that will be what you think has always been the case....

    Suggestion: read 'Rant', by Chuck Palahniuk? It blew my mind and heavily influenced my thoughts on time travel.
  4. I'd say no too. I think the only thing that exists, is the present...
  5. Hey, you didn't answer my question. Does last week still exist?
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    Yeah but if there already was a Smokey in ATS, and it wanted to leave, why didn't Fmom warn Jacob about it? And "she's crazy" don't work because she did warn him about protecting it from other humans haha
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    Hey. You think that Smokey was a separate entity from MIB, right? And that it had it's own motivations in leaving the island, as opposed to just MIB's motivations?
    Well if so, why didn't Fmom warn Jacob about it? She just said that he had to protect the light from other people.
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    OK I got you all set up on RM. So you can sign in now.
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    We're all really excited about the change. Regular school was just not working for them. They love learning, but the system was awful.

    I might like the detective game better - the Survivor game was all about people making secret alliances to vote other players out, the challenges were really a joke. And the old players just picked us new ones off like redshirts. Not fun.

    We'll see how it goes. I don't like to make commitments I can't actually do.
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    Wish I could - my kids start cyber school soon so that's going to take a lot of time. It's why I had to kill off all my characters in the other game. haha!
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