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    Ps, just out of force of habit, I basically think you could be a troll, but I'm willing to apologize heartily if you turn out not to be... time will tell!
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    These are my understandings of this stuff. If some people choose to believe they are flash sideways things happenings that's fine with me. It's hard to say what is 'the most commonly believed interpretation'.
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    I guess mind traveling is a form of time traveling. Some people seem to die of it but Desmond, I guess cured himself when he talked to his constant. The other people weren't able to do that and so it messed up their brains.
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    The way I understand it, it's what happens to Desmond, Minkowski, Daniel's girlfriend, Charlotte... They literally bounce to their body in a different time and live there until it happens again, then it happens again.... like when Desmond is on the helicoptor then he's back in the military all the sudden.
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    Well I'm pretty sure she understands me when I talk to her, not literally, but I think she gets the jist of it. But she just chooses to ignore me. An example being this one time I found her on my TV at the top of my clothes drawer, and I said, "Hey get down!" And she just screamed at me and continued to sit there :S

    EDIT: I just noticed this kind of ignores your question so, "Yes, she's smart but she chooses to ignore me, but she can at times be a little slow too...."
  6. Awww, that's sweet. Is it super smart like siamese are suppose to be?
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    Hey thank you for the compliments, and you don't have to worry about me changing them because, I usually just change it to a variation of my cat, E.G. when I joined Scary Movie Mafia I edited the cat to wear the Jason Voorhees goalie mask. Also I keep links to previous signatures at the bottom of my signature. Also I can't really take too much credit for the kitty because, while it is my cat, Oli-815 helped me animate it so you should give him credit as well =)

    EDIT: Also I change my avatar to fit my current character in the Protector Of A Light Thread
  8. I'm just me, blandness girl. I'm relatively new to the forum, sorry to disappoint. But I've enjoyed your input and contributions to the threads I've read.
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    Hello LA Xative/RichardWagner/Possibly Thunder!
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