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    Hey, you're unbanned!

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  4. I got frustrated with you today for obvious reasons, so I'm sorry if I became a bit insulting at the end. That was inappropriate of me. All the mods were once regular posters, that's just how it is. We don't edit posts or delete posts because we get kicks out of it. It's more like, if you psot a swear and I ignore it, then someone else does the same thing and it gets reported, so I HAVE to edit it, that person will then come to me and say "Why did you edit mine when you Keys did the same thing and you let it slide?" It sucks, but that's how it is, you just have to be fair. You've received several chances, and I hope you realize that I'm not trying to pick on you, it's just. . .you've used up your freebies at this point, ya know?

    Thank you for the apology. Hopefully now this thing will die and we can put it all behind us.
  5. And I know, it's weird that I can edit posts, and I felt uncomfortable about when I first started but, just because I get on with you doesn't mean I can show favoritism. I don't go out of my way to find posts to edit, but if I'm reading a thread and I see one that breaks the rules, I do edit it. Or if one is reported to me, I will. I always try to let people know why it was edited and that there are no hard feelings.

    (posting limit again, continued above again)
  6. Even without the swear, it was uncalled for. I woudl have deleted that post no matter who it was quoting, plk or not, you know that, right? I do my best to be fair and I let people slide when I think they honestly didn't know better, but you do, you've been told multiple times. Just because you're upset about something or with a particular mod, doesn't give you permission to behave however you like. Everyone has to follow the rules.

    (Keep hitting post limit, continued above)
  7. Why did I delete that? What was the reason for posting it? Seemed to be continuing the same OT conversation what was leading into a flame war. It was an attempt to stop things from going this far because the last thing I want to do is have people banned. However whenever I try to prevent that form happening, users seem hell bent on taking things too far and getting themselves booted. I give up.

    If people wish to act like children, I will treat them accordingly.
  8. I don't see how I'm taking it too far.

    Dave moved you on the list. You assumed it was Plk, you posted a joke aimed at insulting him. I edited it. You edited it back in, the "joke" also contained swears which made it against the rules. You jumped to conclusions and you dind't know what you were talking about. I handled it accordingly.

    Obviously I've been too lenient because people aren't listening and aren't' taking what i say seriously. I am generally very nice, give people lots of chances and let several things slide when I think the user made an honest mistake. Clearly that was not the way to go, because what is happening in the Gnaveen thread is what i get as a result. Hell the last time you were banned I sent you a PM trying to warn you to prevent it from happening. What i got in return was a very insulting PM from you, followed by a half assed apology when you returned.
  9. Dude you reposted a picture with an Fbomb in it, that is clearly violating the rules. I know you think you're taking a stand against the man or what not, and being an LP freedom fighter, but the whole thing is just stupid squared, seriously. Surely you have better things to do with your weekend, right?
  10. Keys, seriously. Knock it off. You know better than to quote something with an Fbomb in it. Also, I have always been very nice to you I really don't appreciate you insulting me simply because I'm trying to adhere to the rules of the forum. Like it or not, there are rules here, and if you don't want to abide by them, you don't need to keep coming here. Thanks.
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