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    Here you go: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v7...g?t=1286292102

    While it is close enough to make me think it COULD be the same location from this angle. Doing more comparisons of the foliage around the well, it's clearly not. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v7...g?t=1286292229

    In LaFleur episode, the leaves and trees are all the same from Sawyer holding rope in ground time to the built well (with stone pillars around it) to the 'filled in' time (still with pillars around it). BUT the AtS MiB wheel well is not only in the middle of a clearing, but it's just not as thick naturally, so it couldn't have just grown back... and the well is built differently and looks different when filled in. So I have to go with different location altogether... and was not built in AtS time, but later and someone else filled it in - but who???
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    I just rewatched Across the Sea today, and I just saw the episode with the orchid well last week... there is one view that makes me think it was the same place, and the statue was NOT standing in Across the Sea from that angle. I can't be sure until I do a screen snap of each and comparison them side by side. I'll be sure to send you a link! Personally, I WANT the statue to be standing during Across the Sea... but if they went to all the trouble of filming in the same location and it's not there, then it likely wasn't built yet and someone besides mother totally wasted that spot to flat ground. (Maybe Jacob)
  3. My guess is that the well at the Orchid was never shown during ATS. I know that we never had a view of it's area, to say whether it stood or not. My guess would be that the Taweret was standing and we simply didn't see it. I can say that we never had that view.
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    The thing that interests me about Across the Sea map is the placement of the wells that MIB was digging. He told Jacob that there are places all over the island where metal behaves strangely and when they find one of these places, they dig. We see in AtS they used a well structure to support the holes they were digging.

    Then Flocke said there are wells all over the island... he throws Desmond in one as if he knew it was a good one. So it would be speculation, but a good bet that any well on the island was built by MIB during AtS.

    Except maybe the Orchid well... and here's why.

    After Locke falls down the well to go turn the wheel at the Orchid station site, Sawyer is left holding on to the rope and flat ground- and the statue is there.

    So either, Tawaret was standing when AtS happened and they just didn't show it OR the wheel that is under the Orchid is not one that MIB dug with his people but was dug by someone else later.
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    Did you make a map for Across the Sea?
  6. Ok, now I get it. Pretty cool.

    I know a lot of my friends fantasized about Ginger, but I always thought Marianne was prettier. Those were the days. Gilligan's Island, Bewitched, Star Trek, and Wild Wild West.
    You have an amazing ability to find information on the web. You must use something other then Google, or just use the proper search words.
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    Yes, it's a follower of Gilligan who has a more direct role in the affairs of the Island, like a Sandanista in Honduras (I think that's right) or a Clintonista (in American primary politics).

    Here's a couple of maps for Gilligan's Island:



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    Great work on the map!
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    I like 3 Days of the Condor a lot
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    Your question about the airline cover story is amazingly awesome. Thank you. hahahahaha!
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