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    I posted about it in the political thread - but basically, it varies on who you talk to. Some protest the corrupt relationship between Wall Street corporations/banks and the U.S. Government and want that to change. Others protest because they want the government to take money from those corporations/banks and spread it around to the poor people.
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    Why aren't you on Wallstreet right now?
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    I'm on episode 3 of the last season. Slowed down a little because school started and all. But I'm watching it right now.
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    I'm at episode 7 and honestly I'm not feeling it. I liked season 3 and 1 better (so far). I guess I miss the Avon and Stringer story, and how McNulty and the police tried so hard to take them down. I still have six episodes left of this season so lots of time.
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    Just curious, I know you dislike season 6, but is there anything in it you do like?
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    CONT. The only democracy that really works to allow individual intelligence to thrive is where the smaller and closer to home governments have more power over the day to day life of that individual. The more power your voice has to affect the change, the more people will think about and get involved in those choices. What we have now is more and more group voices deciding on fewer and fewer individual representatives, meaning those representatives address GROUP think and not individual concerns. If someone represents 10,000 people it means more to them what 100 people think than if they represent 100,000.
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    It amazes me how you continually harp on blaming the Tea Party for extremism and crazy, dangerousness when many of them actually stand for freedom and smaller government and rights of individuals. I don't like everything they do, but the Dems and Reps are both big statists who purposefully pit two sides of the same coin against each other and prevent logical discussion and actual change. We need another strong party in there to break up that lie they sell.

    Also, you seem to be contradicting yourself by saying you believe in the intelligence of the individual over the group AND that a powerful government decided upon by a group. That's what got us empty hope and change... people as a group get worked up emotionally and follow a trend and give up trying to actually think through what they are being sold - a feeling.
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    No society is going to be perfect because it's made up of imperfect people. But you put imperfect people in charge of others and it's worse. As I said at the beginning of this exchange, when people are equal and free they have to think about others in relation to their own interests. Mistakes will be made, but people will learn when they have to. What we have now is people who want all the power and wealth creating another group of people who want to be taken care of without responsibility and that makes them unwilling to learn, they just keep looking for the next elitist to rescue them. This sums up why I have this philosophy of equal rights and freedom: http://youtu.be/8z1buym2xUM
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    Anytime someone says they don't trust 'people' because 'people' are irrational or stupid or corrupt and that is why they think we need a structure of government that can control them from doing something like secession that signals to me that 1) you think SOME people are smarter and less corrupt and more trust worth and 2) you want them in power over the others. IMO that is statism/socialism/communism and it is exactly the opposite of what I understood "V" to be about... which is putting the power back into the hands of the people and not looking for a different set of elitist masters to solve the problems the ones we have now created.
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    If it did get to that point, it would be better than becoming slaves to a Federal Government that does whatever the bankers tell them to do. But i can see despite your love of V you still trust the power consolidation of elitists over the independence of 'stupid people' who are so below them... so our opinions diverge.
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