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Thread: 04x13 - "There's No Place Like Home Pt. 2 & 3" (Questions, Theories, Discussion)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hatch_23 View Post
    So how much of the island moved...did it take the zodiac (raft) with it. They must have been at the freighter when it blew. and it seems that sawyer swam back to island really quick.

    any thoughts
    The island along with everything within a certain radius moved; it's the same shield that protects it from being seen. :-)

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    I was re-watching season 4, and something occured to me.
    It's about the moving-the-island-thing; when the island moved in season 4 we didnt know yet if it was in space or time or both. Now its been told in season 5 that its moving in time. So what I dont get is that when the island is about to move in season 4, when the oceanic 6 is in the helicopter, it just disappears in front of them, because apparantly they werent in the radius. But were later told the island moved in time, not space. So why is the island then gone for the O6? Ofcourse they werent moving along with everyone cause they were outside the radius, but they should be able to land on the island, but only in a different time period, and they shouldnt be moving along with everyone because they werent on the island when it moved. So theyre like the others and richard that dont move along with the losties.

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