´╗┐Vancouver, a primary school (right) received a parcel, another private boys school (left) with manpower to receive a human foot. Luca Magny-Horta, the photographs in Los Angeles in 2007, Manila Horta Canadian murder suspect in custody Berlin detention center in Manila Horta media coverage, Vancouver, Canada, police have confirmed that the two schools in Vancouver received on the 5th of the stump parcel from Montreal. Police said the staffing and human feet will parcel returned to Montreal to a DNA test, and that this incident with the Chinese students killed have been drawn and quartered case. Vancouver police said in a statement, the local afternoon, a primary school in Vancouver received a parcel, staff opened, which is equipped with manpower. A few hours later, another school received a parcel with a human foot. Montreal police have confirmed the Mani Horta mailed to the Canadian political parties, hands and feet and other human organs does belong to the Chinese students Jiun. Today, the Jiun head, and another single-handedly still unaccounted for. According to another report, on the 5th Luca Magny-Horta, the Canadian murder suspect his initial appearance. He told the German authorities would not oppose his extradition back to Canada. Magny-Horta, was arrested in the German capital Berlin, an Internet cafe on the 4th of this month, is currently detained in a detention center in Berlin. German police spokesman Thomas Nuo Yi En Duo Fu , on the 5th Manila Horta appear in court in the afternoon a German judge ordered to be formally detention before extradition Manila Horta. Nuo Yi En Duo Fu said that once the Canadian formal request for extradition request, Manila Horta in the German court to attend an extradition hearing. "I think there will be no problem," he said, "according to his own statement to prosecutors, he would not oppose extradition." Under this procedure, Magny-Horta could come as early as this week to be extradited back to Canada. He is wanted on suspicion of killing of Chinese students Jiun by Canadian authorities. The Canadian Embassy in Germany refused to respond when submitted the question of the extradition request. Magny-Horta, now 29 years old porn actor, released a controversial video several times in the network to become an Internet celebrity. Canada May 29, mailing body parts case, police later confirmed that the stump was sent from Montreal. 31, the International Criminal Police Organization issued a "red warrant" Global hunt for suspected murder and mail the stump Manila Horta. Mail stumps case shocked the world at the same time, a video circulating on the Internet. Video content, a man an ice pick repeatedly piercing the corpse of a young Asian man, and mutilated corpses, and also demonstrated the use of tableware action. The victim has confirmed Jiun for Chinese students. Montreal, Canada, police believe that the Magny-Horta in his home in Montreal indoor shooting murder process, and then upload the video to