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The concept of "meme" is traced to 1976, according to "Science Friday."


I think the consensus back in the day was that paperknives, or pk as he was known, produced the prototype of what is seen here. Back then--ten years ago?!?--there was a lot of push back that the DH or "Dinosaur Hed" was nothing more than a meme. We considered it an art form, a 3-panel screen-captured combination of humor derived from actual members of the forum. The posts were "fodder" for "the funny," as we said then. There were variations, but even then, what distinguished it was that the actual body of the text was something typed by people in response to posts on the Lostpedia forum.

It lies dormant, awaiting its resurrection (means brought bak 2 lyfe) in the next iteration of The Island and the flawed human who is its Protector.
interesting. i always felt like hed mirrored that kung pow movie that came out around the same time.