Now that you learned how to start a blog, and you have added some content, it is time to promote it. First of all, make sure that you have at least a few interesting articles on it. This can be kind of tricky. You have to have both new and interesting material and some good writing skills. After you completed the first step, you can share it to all your family and friends, you can even teach them how to start a blog, and ask them to pot a link with your blog on their pages. This is a really good promoting solution.Find other blogs that have the same content as yours and post a link with your blog in the comments. Make blogger friends and exchange links. this is a useful way to spread the news.Good, you now have all the steps how to start a blog, now it's time to start a community. Make your online "family" and share it this will bring you lots of hits .Always use other blogs or sites to promote your blog.A good method to make yourself noticed is to send a email with your address to all your contacts. Let the people know what you are doing. Don't feel embarrassed to share what you are doing, others are just sitting around, feel proud with your work. Although you have the impression that you have writing a good work, and still have no visitors, a good idea would be to hire a designer, or a graphical designer. They will surely know more than you about how to start a blog. They may seem a little pricey but they might bring you more visitors, which is a good thing.Never stop writing, once you have begun, and have some followers, don't disappoint them, keep writing, and always bring new stuff. Readers who don't find anything new for some while will migrate to other blogs that have more updates. Never forget banners. if you learned how to start a blog, you surely know how to add banners and widgets. Don't forget to add the Facebook like button, twitter follow, google plus, etc. Reminder buttons: Try to find a script that will mail the followers when you have new posts. This will bring back the user for a more than once. Try to be careful thought, you don't want to spam the subscribers. If you have some visitors and you want even more, you can organise contests. This is always a good idea. The prizes may be virtual or real things, but the attention you generate is worthless. Many people who think they know how to start a blog never think of this. There is nothing better for the people that something they can interact with.