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Thread: So...is there any point to getting into this now?

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    Default So...is there any point to getting into this now?

    What with the premiere a week away?

    Quick introduction: I'm 36, I'm based in Seattle and I love this show (I finally sat down and gave it the time of day a month ago, and I'm hooked). But the fact that I've practically missed out on all the online action (the ARG's, namely) kinda makes me feel like I've missed out on some good stuff.

    Don't know any passwords to anything, though I did figure out the Arija Airways site (and I cheated, at that). I go to the Hanso Foundation site, the Rachel Blake sites and all that. A bunch of dead ends. Dead sites all over the place...it's frustrating.

    The Dharma Initiative websites are particularly puzzling. Should I have gone to Comic-Con or something?...because none of the Dharma Special Access passwords posted on the Lostpedia blog seem to work. Is the site any fun at all? I mean, it all looks really cool, but, uhm...what am I supposed to do? And you guys get your Dharma emails and "tests" from who again?

    Am I even missing anything? How can I enjoy these things like everyone else?...and does it even make a difference since I'm so late getting into Lost in the first place?

    I am definitely adrift, Guess I'll stumble around and figure it out eventually, but I do look forward to interacting with you guys here in the future.
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    It's worth reading up on the first Lost Experience and Find 815 on the wiki...but to be honest with you, I'm not sure it was EVER worth spending the time on this last ARG. This just burned out almost immediately. But yeah, go over to the wiki and read up on especially the first ARG. That was a GREAT one and there was some cool info coming out of it. There's not a lot of it you can "play" anymore, but it's worth knowing about.

    And welcome to the forum!

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    Ive never really participated in the ARGs despite being a huge lost fan, I only recently got access to the web at work so before that i rarely got on the net ( sister at home always on it lol ) plus at the time that TLE was running i didnt even know about it or Lostpedia. Ive just read the wiki pages and followed them that way. Cant say ive felt that ive missed anything
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    I have done the last 3 ARG's and none were really rewarding just lame due to lack of direction or that they just end with really nothing happening. The access site, the current one with all the vids is nice but does contain spoilers in someways. So I am careful about posting info from them. I am mad I never found out what job I was suppose to have. I did all the test on my own and was excited to find out where I was with Dharma Suppose it is like in real life I am a nobody
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    I missed out on the first one, but have done the other two (find 815 and the Dharma special access) and I gotta say you're not missing much! Find 815 was pretty cool but the recent one was a complete waste of time!
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    i have never actually participated in any of them but i have read up on the first two and somewhat followed this last one.

    i would say if you want to know about them, go to the actual lostpedia and watch all the rachel blake videos and read up on that stuff.

    as for this current one the only cool thing i have seen come out of it has been interviews with darlton which you can watch on youtube, by searching dharma special access

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    This last one was the first and only I ever tried and it ended in failure. Complete waste of time.

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    if lost is able to pull it off, im thinking something with american airlines (they're both AA)
    do they fly to guam? maybe flight 316 @ 11:30 is magical lost flight
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