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Thread: Y: the Last Man

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    wow....you really hated it that much?....I stopped getting it long before the series ended, but I didn't think it was doing some kind of disservice, or catering to LCD mentality...The ending was a bit lame, imo, but it was a "cool" idea, imo........It did receive a lot of attention, despite not being the "best" thing Vertigo has published........It was a fairly straight forward story though, and easy for people to get into w/o having to have any comic knowledge at all........however, w/o The Sandman or Moore/Morrison etc...BKV never would have gotten the acclaim that YTLM did.


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    Quote Originally Posted by orsonkidd View Post
    ^ i kinda felt the same way about the end. i didn't really get much satisfaction from it.
    Not getting much satisfaction from "the end" all the way back in 2009?!

    He's a soothsayer I tell you!

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