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Thread: So, what did they do in the french dubbed Pilot, Part 2.

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    Default So, what did they do in the french dubbed Pilot, Part 2.

    Where Shannon translates the message from french..

    Is it just all in some other language?

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    Hey, better late than never, right ?

    From what i remember, the message was in german. In the french dubbed version, they made Rousseau german, which is very stupid obviously as she has a french name ! Someone told me that they've changed her nationality again, that she's french now apparently. But i haven't seen the french dubbed season 2, so i can't tell for sure.

    By the way, the message in the real version (US) really sucks. You can tell she's not french, and that Shannon is translating sentences before she hears them ! And some of the sentences are not even correct (in french).
    It's like when Rousseau led some of the losties on the Dark territory, and called it the "Territoire fonce"... I was like and then i understood the mispelling and laughed into tears It's not "fonce" but "foncé", and it doesn't sound the same. They really suck in French, because that was an easy one

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    I guess that this scene sucks in all versions.

    The season 1 box I own, has both, the french and the german version on it and they did a poor job for the german dubbed version too. This time Rousseau really sounds german!
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    My DVD has both the English and French audio tracks. The French broadcast, Canadian French broadcasts, and French DVD dubs are all different. There's a lot of confusion as to what was done, since TPTB don't have control over that. (Disney does the DVDs and the networks do the broadcasts. So, whatever they do, it's going to be inconsistent.)

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