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Thread: 2x07 The Other 48 Days

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    Right so here we are, the Other 48 Days. Nice tranquil day, sun shining, pretty beach, ocean and then BOOM. Let the 'game' begin. It's good to see how the tail section have been doing all this time, and of course some answers as to why the hell they are so tetchy to most things on the island. This is the first 'island-flashback' episode with Maternity Leave also following the same pattern, it's a type of episode I like. The parallel's are there for all to see at the beginning of this episode with Jack/Ana Lucia. Thought they would have made a pretty good couple tbh but obviously the writers had better ideas. Another disguise by the writers brought into play with Nathan here, also from Canada and his name not too dis-similar to Ethan, very clever. Good to see the US Army knife aswell brought into the story after we know what happens in Season 5.

    Someone mentioned it before about Goodwin killing Nathan, personally I thought it was what had to be done. He "wasn't a good person" according to Goodwin, but it's clear that the Others don't care about the wellbeing of those types of people (just look what Ethan did to Charlie). The glass eye is an interesting one, it's a fair point what Lostpedia brings up about it not being Mikhail, but surely it is. Seems to create a good finish to that particular story, and also means there is no wondering about Season 6, because I think the writers have bigger fish to fry. You've got to feel for Ana-Lucia in this episode a little, she's by no means the strongest of people inside but she takes on the job of leader, almost by default due to Eko's vow of silence, and it really gets to her. I didn't mind her as a character, maybe she'll be back in the final season but we'll see. Poor old Jin once again, floating around the water like nobody's buisness, exactly like when he was found by the French team in the past..future. One can only imagine the fear of Jin when Eko takes that blindfold off and reveals himself. Think I liked this episode more on the recap then I did at first. Can't imagine them intergrating nearly aswell with us and the losties without this episode.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bombyx mori View Post
    oh and i forgot to mention the glass eye. any thoughts on its origin? I assumed it belonged to Mikhail, but as lostpedia states:

    The easy answer: The glass eye did belong to Mikhail, and the later scene of his eye scarred up was just a continuity error. The glass eye was introduced right before we met a one-eyed Other. This is not a coincidence.

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    It looks like Rambina picked up suspicious details about Goodwin from the get but never questioned him until after she'd zeroed in on the wrong guy. (or was that intentional to flush Goodwin out?) It looks like Goodwin might be a nice guy (not AWOL like Ethan). But he believed, or at least said, that those on the list were good and those not, bad, deserving of death. How would he know? Those lists were probably made up by Ben. Besides, a truly good guy wouldn't just kill someone because they weren't on the list; he would've let Nathan go. Does anyone, after s.5, believe the Others are the Good guys?

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    The last 5 minutes of this episode (from when they find Jin in the water) are some of the most epic of the show ever.

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    This episode was kind of "ehhh" to me. The only tailies that I ever really cared about were Eko and Bernard, tho.
    See you in another life, brotha.

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    Just rewatched today. I think it's actually one of the best episodes of Season 2 (but maybe it's just because I was starting to grow bored of the storylines of the non-tailies, so it was just refreshing :P ). The way the plane spins and hits the water at the beginning of the episode though... it would be incredibly unlikely for anyone to survive if that were to happen IRL. They could at least have made that sequence slightly more plausible.

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    I cannot deny that "LOST" will always be one of my top twenty (20) favorite television series of all time. Nor can I deny that despite my feelings about it, the writing had been flawed on many occasions. If there is an episode that truly reflected my positive feelings about the series, it is the Season Two episode called (2.07) "The Other 48 Days".

    This episode is probably my TOP favorite one in the entire series. Before "The Other 48 Days" aired, I had been watching"LOST" for at least a little over a month. In fact, (2.02) "Adrift" was the very first episode I had ever watch. Although I did watch most of the episodes that aired between "Adrift" and "The Other 48 Days", I found it difficult to feel the series' magic. I was about to give up on the series for good when "The Other 48 Days" aired in late November 2005. Not only did I enjoy the episode, I became a permanent fan of the series.

    "The Other 48 Days" is a dark and fascinating television episode marked by an epic storyline about survival, trust and paranoia, thanks to a superb script written by Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof. It also features first-rate direction from Eric Laneuville, and some excellent performances - especially from Michelle Rodriguez, Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje and Brett Cullen. After my latest viewing of the episode, my wish that the story about the Tail Section survivors had been stretched over more episodes remain strong as ever.

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    Howdy in the sub forums

    I'm watchin The End right now but figured I would say whats up

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