Just in brief a couple of things happened at ComicCon.

First, the swag for lost was Lost University material.
On the back of the Lost U. flyer was written:
Prof. Nussdorf need TA? 818-824-6300

go ahead call it! (I don't think we are going to see much there until Lost U launches, but in the past ARG's random callers would get a different message from the bulk of the calls, so it's worth calling every so often.)

There was the Lost Panel where a bunch of stuff happened:
see this thread - http://forum.lostpedia.com/lost-comi...el-t40244.html

Lost - In Memoriam (and surprise 'Charlie' appearance!):

LOST Commercial – Oceanic Airlines

LOST Commerical – McClucky's Chicken Shack
And Paul Scheer showed up announcing DamonCarltonandaPolarBear.com and presented the Darlton with the first painting.

The first day of comicon - the first Mysteries of the Universe : the Dharma initiative was released.

Some or all of these may be pieces integrated into the ARG, I'm not sure.