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Thread: 2x22 Three Minutes

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    Quote Originally Posted by Burnt_by_Lava View Post
    Is it ever revealed who made the list that was given to Michael? Jacob? The Others (through their conversations with Walt)?
    Ben would have made it

    he needs jack to ''want to'' perform the surgery on him
    he needs sawyer and kate to play a mind game with jack
    he needs hurley to warn everyone else to stay away

    I really don't see how and why people hated michael so much, my only explanation is that alot of lost fans were superficial and didn't really analyse the moral ambiguity the writers played with throughout the whole show. Of course they could have given him less ''walttttt'' lines but i think everything did really well in getting across a protective dad who doesn't want to ever lose his son again.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Holliam View Post
    Is anyone else majorly creeped out/intrigued by Ms. Klugh's questioning of Michael about Walt? "How old was he when he started speaking? Did he have any illnesses growing up? Headaches, fainting spells? Did Walt ever appear in a place he wasn't supposed to be? You say he was halfway around the world but did you see him?"

    I really want to know more about Walt's abilities.
    I think walt must have been exposed to alot of electromagnatism as a child, the only thing that isn't explained was how and when he was exposed to this (the writers should have shown this) and so he became a bit like desmond, but perhaps even more powerful as he could attract birds ("special"), appear in places he shouldnt be ("Abandoned" "through the looking glass part I") etc

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