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Thread: Lostpedia Spoiler Policy / How To Mark Spoilers [Updated]

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    Default Lostpedia Spoiler Policy / How To Mark Spoilers [Updated]

    Any and all information about a future episode is considered a spoiler.


    *However, this does not include the title of the next/upcoming episode, when released by ABCMediaNet*

    What is considered a spoiler:
    • Any information on future episodes released from ABC such as press releases, promo photos, and previews.
    • Any information about casting/cast lists.
    • Any information on future episodes talked about during the Official Lost podcasts.
    • Any information on future episodes gathered from the Lost DVDs.
    • Any information on future episodes gathered from magazine articles, TV Guide, or any other publication.
    • Any information on future episodes released via cast or crew.
    • Information regarding whether an episode is a flashback or flashforward.
    • Any thing that has not yet been aired.

    Once an episode has been aired, it is NO longer considered a spoiler.

    What is not considered a spoiler:
    • The title of the next chronological episode, when released by ABCMediaNet.
    • Anything shown during an episode of Lost.
    • Any information about past episodes gathered from Official Lost podcasts, the Lost DVDs, or the Official Lost Magazine.


    How to Mark Spoilers Accordingly:

    Posting A Thread About a Spoiler:

    If you are going to start a new thread, and the thread is focused on a spoiler, such as a thread about a promo
    then you need to post the thread in the SPOILER FORUM and mark the thread correctly.

    For example, lets say you read what is going to happen in an upcoming episode and you want to start a thread about it:
    • Fig. 1.1) Make sure the title of the thread says
      Spoiler: -Insert Title Here-

      Do not make the title give away anything that is a spoiler.
      For instance do not title your thread Spoiler: "Paulo Dies Next".
    • Fig. 1.2) Use the warning symbol as your post icon.

      Underneath the text box,
      simply click the circle next to the warning symbol.

    After you post your thread
    If you go back to the list of threads located in the Main Forum, the thread should appear like this:

    If it does not look like that, then please go back and correct it.
    If you still have problems, you can contact a Moderator, who can help you fix the problem.

    Replying In A Thread About a Spoiler:

    If you are posting a replying in a thread that is marked with a Spoiler
    Then you do NOT have to use the invisible text.
    You can post as you normally would.

    Replying In A Non-Spoiler Thread

    If you are posting a reply in a thread that is NOT marked Spoiler:
    and your POST is going to include a spoiler,
    then you MUST do the same procedure as you would when posting a thread.
    • You must mark your post with the Spoiler Icon.
    • You must title your post with *Spoiler*
    • You must also use the spoiler tags.

    Spoiler Tags:
    To create text that appears to be hidden but can be highlighted to read, simply add the Lostpedia Spoiler tags around the text.[/b]
    • Type your text, and then that is a spoiler.
    • Next, click on the icon in the reply box that is a caution symbol.
    • This will automatically put the [SPOILER] tags around your text and it will appear as this in your post and in quotes:

      Spoiler Below
      This is how to correctly post a spoiler!

    If you wish to avoid spoilers,
    do not read threads with a spoiler title
    or highlight hidden spoiler text.


    (thank you KittyLili114!)
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