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Thread: Lost is based on the 'prophecies' of Edgar Cayce

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    Default Lost is based on the 'prophecies' of Edgar Cayce

    Firstly apologies if this has been covered. I used the search but as a newbie I full expect to get slapped down if I have breached forum etiquette.

    I believe that Lost is based on the 'prophecies' of the American psychic Edgar Cayce (1877 - 1945) who recorded in some detail a complex past, present and future for a certain Island -

    • He predicted the Island would ‘rise again’ in 1968/69 – a time period that coincides with the establishment of Dharma on the Island.

    • The Island was long ruled by two factions, the ‘good’ Sons of the Law of One, and the ‘evil’ Sons of Belial. Each side desired to harness the power of The Island to different ends, one peaceful and humanistic, and one militaristic and greedy. Both sides were closer to being pure 'thought forms' originally and retained certain powers. One desired to help evolve 'lower beings', the other wished to exploit them for their own ends.

    • The Island underwent three major catastrophes and the final destruction was caused when the ‘crystal’ at the centre of the Island became overcharged and caused a massive explosion.

    • A copy of the ‘records’ of The Island are under the Sphinx's right paw at Giza, (which Hurley painted) and the people of The Island are intimately related to the Egyptians as many moved there before the deluge (remember the hieroglyphs in the hatch, and the four-toed statue of Taweret, an Egyptian God - in addition it is interesting to note it is under the foot of a the statue that The Island's own record chamber is found - of a sort, Jacob's tapestry).

    * Jacob's tapestry records the Egyptians leaving The Island, just as Cayce reported, and also features the artwork of the cult of Aten, one of the earliest forms of monotheism. The Sons of the Law of One, remember.

    • The people of The Island had physical deformities we would now consider strange but were commonplace at the time, having bred with animalistic lines (If you do not believe the statue is Taweret this is a very plausible alternative theory, although it does link to the the Egyptian Gods also).

    • Many people alive today are the reincarnated souls of those who inhabited The Island and are destined to ‘face similar temptations’ again. (Remember John Locke having to choose an item as a child, a similar method by which they tell the reincarnation of religious figures)

    • The people of The Island, developed 'electrical forces' capable of overcoming gravity, moving things from place to place, going through walls and traveling over long distances. They utilized similar ‘automatons’ to carry out work on the Island.

    • He spoke of a controlling entity which sought to interpret and direct the power of The Island called Deui, which is pronounced DAR, or D-R.

    * In his view the original inhabitants of The Island were able to rejuvenate their bodies, allowing them to live for hundreds of years (Richard). The Island is a place of healing.

    * The 'evil' of The Island through its misuse creates the 'Night-side of Nature' and the degradation of the surrounding environs - this relates to the 'Dark Territory' notion.

    The Island he was referring to is what we know as Atlantis, or The Island.


    * Of the numbers the creators of Lost have said that the number 23 will be important, or key, something Edgar Cayce also held true, twenty three was to him 'a body balanced mentally, physically, spiritually; for it is as the perfect odd number, divisible by nothing - hence perfect in its ratio to one.'

    * We know in Lost dreams are used to communicate - Edgar Cayce once said, "Dreams, visions, impressions, to the entity in the normal sleeping state are the presentations of the experiences necessary for the development. These may be taken as warnings, as advice, as conditions to be met, conditions to be viewed in a way and manner as lessons, as truths, as they are presented in the various ways and manners."
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    gosh, i hope not. how derivative and without creativity. also, you know, complete bunk.

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    Which is why I said 'prophecies', I only heard of Cayce a couple of days ago whilst I was thinking/clicking about Lost over breakfast, so I'm not out to evangelise here:-) I just think the similarities between The Island, and his 'vision' of Atlantis are quite convincing.

    To me anyway!

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    I find it really cool actually that we get somebody different every other week that I've been here who says that Darlton and JJ based all of Lost on some philosophy or religious belief or prophecy...

    It makes me realize how similar so many of history's "prophets" have been, which is kind of interesting, when you think about it.

    I'm not denying the parallels, I just think they come from different specific sources than you think they do (or should I say, more sources?)...

    oh, and welcome to LP!!

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    i think edgar cayce just took some already popular ideas and repeated them. and that the writers are much more likely to have been influenced by the same sources cayce was playing off of than by the likes of edgar cayce.

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    Thanks for the welcome!

    I do have a little background knowledge in terms of overlap in mythology/culture of the ancients (I did my undergrad degree in Ancient and Medieval History with a particular focus on religion) and you're absolutely right when you say that none of the elements Cayce draws on are particularly original, I just thought it was interesting to find them all in one place, kind of tied up with a bow! It is perfectly possible that the Lost creators just drew on some sense of 'common mythology' but I still think I'll peg my hat on one of them having a familiarity with Cayce for now:-) If you look at the 'centres' Cayce set up there is something kind of 'Losty' about the feel to them too.

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    I love when people do this in depth stuff, its so good!

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    Cayce was a psychic. He actually saw the future. And what did he see there? Episodes of Lost. So his prophecies may contain spoilers for season 6.

    Could a mod please move this thread into the spoiler forum?

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