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Thread: 5x03 Jughead

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    best episode of season 5 IMO : )

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    I just rewatched this episode and was happy to find that the whole conflict between the U.S. Army and the Others mirrors the conflict the Others had with Dharma. Very interesting. Really great episode.

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    This is one of those episodes where I didn't care for when watching it during its premiere, but appreciated far more at season's end and when rewatching. Faraday's character annoyed me at times (most of S4, in fact), but he kicked ass in S5, this episode being among his best performances.

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    Great epi! I like how the time flashes gives us glimpses into previous people on the island.
    It was a little pathetic how John tells Richard he is the leader & Richard disregarded it til he disappeared. Richard only visits John as a child b/c of that one moment, not b/c Richard has been watching John as special.
    Locke is definitely the real victim of the island, thinking he's special when he is just manipulated by so many.
    Why didn't Widmore specifically tell Desmond that Ben was looking for Penny to kill her. He mentions to hide & keep her safe, but doesn't mention that there is a true, real threat.
    "If we can't live together... we're going to die alone."

    "Oh awesome. The ship sent us another Sawyer."

    "You're just not looking at the big picture, Doc. You're still back in civilization. Me? I'm in the wild."

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    Such a cool episode, ive already watched it twice today just to let everything sink in

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