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Thread: Locke stunt scene I saw in HI

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    Yeah, I swear I heard the alt would merge, but oh well obviously it hasn't yet and doesn't look like it will be anytime soon.

    Please feel free to read my blog about me getting LOST in Hawaii.

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    Steph you snapped on these pics! If you only had known what scene it really was at the time and what would happen! Lucky
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    Quote Originally Posted by MilesSmiles View Post
    Ok explain something: what do you mean the time lines will 'merge', and how is this achieved? I cannot for the life of me think what you guys are talking about makes any sense at all... something big happens, say an explosion, and all the sudden Sawyer on the island was a cop instead of a conman? Flocke says 'muahaha, Locke did not get pushed out a window by his conman father, he was hit by a car!' Hugo goes 'dude, Locke was fired from my box company!' Kate says 'Aaron was really not born on the island!' What are you people trying to say?! 'Merging' timelines is the worst thing I've ever heard... the alternate timeline stopping because of something, I can accept. But everything magically becoming the same reality? That makes even less sense than EVERYTHING IN EXISTENCE. =)

    I seriously am posing this question.
    glad i was right about the timelines not merging lol
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