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Thread: 6X07 "Dr. Linus" (Questions, Theories, Discussion)

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    best episode ever !

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    Gosh...I love reading all the theories before the ending was revealing. Unfourtunetly(or fortunetly) I didn't become a L O S T fan until after the show ended, so I got to watch them one after the other after the other. Which didn't give me any time to really "therorize" about what was happening. It probobly would have drove me nuts & I probobly would have been wrong about almost everything,lol!!

    But I've gotta give it to "Arctura-page 52 #514(I still don't know how to do the quote thing & its probobly so easy & it bugs the sh*t outta me!) Abyways back to Arctura had it right on the ball! I read through all these posts(& theyre pretty much all right after they showed Dr. Linus except for a couple at the end) & hers was spot on! I'm amazed at how well she knew that(Im assuming its a she bc she said "my husband" but I could be wrong.)

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    Quote Originally Posted by blanderpauline20 View Post
    best episode ever !
    of course not best but its good

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    My wife and I just watched Dr. Linus a week ago (we watch one episode every Friday night with wine......good times). It's a top notch episode. I think some people thought Ben was maybe not up to par in season 6 but I think Ben remained compelling throughout the series. I aslo think The New Man In Charge is good. I like that Michael gets a mention in it. I know it's fiction of course but hopefully he was bale to (through Walt) find peace and move on.

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    Default edit

    I meant "able to" in the above post.

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    good !

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