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Thread: 06X17 "The End" (In-show Analysis & Chat)

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    Sorry, but I posted this elsewhere... Was confused about how unmentioned it was. Have at it:

    * * *

    Are they all dead then? Is that church heaven? I noticed the poly-religious stained glass window in the background so as not to offend anyone's delicate sensibilities, but is that what we're supposed to gather? They're all dead?

    And where was everyone else?

    And why didn't Ben come inside? Is he still in purgatory?

    Oh, and WTF happened to the people on the PLANE? The one that left? Did they go on in the original timeline? Kate was on the plane AND in the church. Lapedus wasn't. Claire was. Miles wasn't.

    Was the flash sideways, with which we were absolutely inundated throughout the entire last season, simply some sort of allegorical purgatory in which they all lived (or sleep-walked) until they met their "significant other" and merged into some sort of afterlife?

    I absolutely loved the reunion scene with Claire and Charlie. The Sawyer/Juliet one was good too.

    Aside from that... Terribly disappointed.

    Oh, and FFS, if this whole thing has been about Jacob v. MiB, then who the hell is the "mother" and where did she come from? And the people who were already there when the junior Jacob/MiB discovered them...? Where were they from?

    Is the concept that the entire island is some sort of purgatory proving ground and the "alt" reality is the "real" reality and when you die, you go to the island to figure out whether you get to "move on"?

    "Everything else is just progress..."

    Toward WHAT? Death? The afterlife?

    Gratuitous inclusion of the two douchers from season one: Fail. Extra-gratuitous scene where Jack hugs Blake(? honestly forgot that doucher's name): Extra-fail.

    What happened to our favorite rocket scientist-turned-musician? What about the parents? Shouldn't Widmore and Co. have been invited to the church? I mean, Barbara Bush sat next to Desmond discussing whether or not this entire thing should/could have been allowed to occur!

    What was the Dharma Initiative? How did anyone ever discover this pocket of magnetic energy? What occurred with that energy before there was ever a "button" to keep it in check? Why did it ever need to be kept in check since it seems that everything was hunky-dory before AND after there was ever a "hatch"?

    What was Widmore's agenda? Seriously... Why couldn't Ben kill him? What "rules"?!?!?!

    I suppose my biggest gripe is about the "rules"... Apparently, pulling the plug out of the drain makes the rules null and void so you can kill MiB (who NEVER got a f**king name!), but shoving your brother down the drain so he can turn into some sort of dead-person-mimicing Doppelganger/smoke monster doesn't break the rules.

    Again, to placate my malcontents, I loved the reunion scenes in the final episode. Unfortunately, they just utterly and completely defied any sort of logical terminus that this 6-year-long voyage could have undergone.

    J***s Harold C***t on a popsicle stick, this was an absolutely HORRID EPICLY EPIC FAIL!!!


    Now I'm gonna take my nerdrage and go home. Screw you guys.

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    I loved this episode... usually I hate series finales, but this was perfect. I couldn't be happier with the ending. I can't believe how confused some of you are though; it was pretty straight forward. If you look at the big picture of the series, instead of ripping apart every detail, you can figure it out. In the end, it came down to the characters and their relationships... not the crazy crap happening on the island. I've never cried so hard (watching a show) in my life.

    To make it clear:
    Island= Real Life
    ALT= Purgatory
    White Light at the church= Next stage (afterlife or whatever you believe)

    Christian stated that people who died before Jack & long after were there... There's no specific time frame "there". There is no sense of time in the ALT. It only has an end, and that's when Jack finally remembers everything.

    It doesn't matter if Jack died 50 years before Hurley. Everyone in "real world" time dies when they die. When they all eventually meet up in the ALT, they are all in denial about their death until they have those little flashes and know what they're all there for. John Locke said to Jack "We've been waiting for you" confirming what Christian said & that they all were waiting for Jack to realize why they were all there.

    They were the same age as when they knew each other because it was the most important time of their lives, as Christian said. That's why BABY Aaron was there... that's how he was in all of their memories. The reason every single Lost character wasn't at the church is because they weren't that important to Jack. The important ones whom he cared about & loved were all there waiting for him... I'm glad that Michael wasn't there. I hated his character.

    Ben didn't go inside because he still had more "repenting" to do. I believe he was afraid to see what was waiting for him... thats why he apologized to Locke & why Hurley came out and commended him on "being a good number 2".

    I believe that the wreckage at the end of the episode was the plane that Frank, Sawyer, Kate, Claire, Richard & Miles were on.

    Oh and I agree that "The Island made me crazy. I don't want Aaron to see me like this!" was the WORST part of the episode. Uhhh... the island is crumbling, what did she just say? REALLY?!

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    Are you serious? Michael Giachinno is the man. Way to be lame.
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