Licence granted for Torquay harbourside club geared towards 'sensible people'
He told the committee: "This is undoubtedly a unusual situation
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"Bed Bar is actually a nightclub concept sega's developed 5yrs ago as a result of an issue nationwide of binge drinking.
Provision for boxing, wrestling and indoor sports events is aloof from the licence and opening hours reduced from midday to 4am to midday to 3am.
Committee members expressed concerns along with some residents within the noise outside terrace in the rear of the club.
Mr Johnson said everything would
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He said the terrace area is heavily policed with team, seats kept as small as possible and alcohol not allowed.
Also, he told the committee sound proofing features had been attached with an air vent in the property to minimise the noise being funnelled upwards towards homes overlooking the nightclub.
He explained: "We imagine escaping employ a mixed age bracket of folks in the club
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"We have two other Bed Bars in Woking and Reading and features prevailed in drawing in sensible men and women who may see alienated in other clubs where teens are being served cheap drinks that's always a recipe for trouble."
Gerry Guthrie, licence holder for Bed Bar, said: "Where the latest licence is good for one security guard per 100 people, really is endless to possess 10 or 15 staffing every night.