Chapter 16 right and wrong body
four elders and the Lord of the siege of the King of ancient music master class discoloration.
not because they are afraid to put Snow Queen Diao Chan, but because after Diao Chan put Snow Queen significance.
puppet family from generation to generation according to the legend. Relic Snow Queen, the souls of the ancestors leave to future generations is the most sacred gift, only the most pure, but did not betray puppet family priest to wear on. Conversely, can put Snow Queen is necessarily not betray puppet family.
but had to give Diao Chan An elder is a betrayal charges puppet family, gave birth to ancient music Niezhong devil, no holiness.
precisely because of this reason, just let the people of the city in a very short time, the respect and love for Diao Chan, transformed into anger and kill.
Presbyterian naturally know their reason is purely bullshit, but either this reason, how can it toppled the highly popular Diao Chan?
Originally everything is going smoothly. Are in the Presbyterian calculation,replica sunglasses.
even if it is ancient music come to the rescue, but also have good potential to prepare accordingly. Can also use ancient music rescue afterwards, further indicating the relationship between ancient music and Diao Chan, who continues Diao sullied.
good results now, actually gave Diao put Snow Queen opportunities.
four elders that depressed ah.
priest a vein in the puppet family is very special presence, both belonging to the puppet family, but independent of the puppet family. Eucharistic mystery about the high priest, on the Snow Queen's secret for centuries,replica polarizers, the elders will always want to know, but the frustration is simply a high priest of a clock pulse single pass,replica sunglasses, looking for opportunities to buy is very likely.
so Presbyterians did not know, the original Snow Queen and not the same as an ordinary battle puppet.
ordinary battle puppet, if it is standard, no worn, no one driving like a robot, honestly stay in the corner, until the soldiers jumped into their puppet battle within. The general level of advanced combat puppet, no worn, it will become a device as complex as the chair, to the soldiers a long time to sit on, it will automatically wear.
Presbyterian always thought that, no matter how magical Snow Queen, it should be in contact with Diao Chan, the chance to wear it.
a result, no one thought Snow Queen actually has the same magic and legendary psychic, can be masters of their own echoes, automatic fly Diao Chan's side.
as four elders feared. See Diao Chan after wearing Snow Queen. People under the altar and began talking about the ordinary soldiers. Even a few had on the altar, ready to join the siege of the puppet master race, also stopped.
entire calculation Diao Chan plans are Presbyterian conspiracy, is to allow the annexation of the eye family puppet family, this kind of thing, naturally, only Presbyterians know that some eye-level master king family also know that because they are the core combat .
But this thing, obviously can not tell the puppet family there, as well as ordinary soldiers and the people.
originally planned everything very good. Have been bought puppet clan elders, naturally there are countless excuses to slander Diao, not afraid to be seen through. But Presbyterian thousands of operators million, there is no count to Snow Queen The Snow Queen is now worn Diao, Diao Chan betrayal that puppet on a family that will go too.
siege of ancient music of the eight experts also stopped. They had to be temporarily stopped, because they can feel the family behind the puppet masters who came intention to kill. Know if it does not give them a reasonable explanation, for fear that anti-Ge will immediately opposite.
dozens of pairs of eyes, uniform look to the four elders. Altar, and there are increasingly loud noise.
"four elders, which in the end is how the matter?" a puppet king of low-level expert group asked puzzled. In fact,replica belts, he had thought of this should be Presbyterian conspiracy, is a priest Diao Chan's slander, but Diao Chan really gave birth to ancient music kids, this is all she admitted. And the name of the master also did not think that their elders, will be eye family to buy in the past. So in this case, was very polite and respectable inquiry.
"This, this ......" four elders do not know how to answer.
him to be tempted to say, with regard to the legend of The Snow Queen, then what can not betray the tribe's high priest wearing the conclusion is nonsense, but if you really say these words, for fear that soon will be around family puppet master to killed.
Snow Queen puppet family, but that holy thing is not to have the slightest slander. Even if he is the elder too.
"how the same thing? kids you want to know?" a leisurely sound up. They turned, they found that two elders appear on the side of the altar.
get out of a thousand experts, and let two elders went to the innermost.
who looks doddering two elders, a skinny look, but he is king of the peak level of the top players, is now said to the elders of the meeting, only he and perennial faceless big elders, most likely to become Huang level ground saint.
two elders walked in front of Diao Chan, a look of bitter: "Protoss, you know the crime?"
Diao Chan looked disdain for the play of two elders: "I have what crime? betrayal tribe? If so, how can I put Snow Queen?"
Lord of the puppet master and family to see the two elders, waiting for his explanation.
two elders "grief" shook his head: "That's because you have forgotten ancestors of this traitor, and a devil on the sacred ancient music together Snow Queen tampered defiled holy!"
"What?" Lord of the puppet master race, Diao Chan once again go to the line of sight of the body, and a look of disbelief.
Diao Chan was about to speak,replica sunglasses, was surprised to find two elders from the arms to work out a thing even, pointing to his curse: "The Protoss you think you do, really no one can find it? today let you see, the souls of the ancestors, watching your behavior! "
two elders suddenly a pinch break in the hands of that piece things even, a hint of black fog dispersed.
"ah!" Diao Chan uttered a scream.
ancient music looked back and was surprised to find white Snow Queen, limbs began to appear numerous black spots.
audience uproar. Everyone looked at with surprise Diao Chan. Those puppet master race, it is anger two angry.
Snow Queen snow-white color, represents its holiness. But now white holiness, actually appeared in numerous black spots, these spots began to appear one, with regard to visible speed slowly spread.
"You actually defiled my holy family?" That's the beginning of a puppet clan elders asked four experts, angry looking Diao Chan.
Diao Chan is also a look of stunned, overwhelmed watching is slowly darkening Snow Queen, she could feel, Snow Queen, a mysterious force that is being eroded, but know that once this erosion into the snow Queen of the chest that the core of the white gem, the Snow Queen will become a waste.
"What did you do? Snow Queen, you did what?" Diao Chan screamed. Snow Queen, accompanied by her grew up together, we can say that in addition to another galaxy a loved one. Especially outsiders do not know, Snow Queen had already psychic, and Diao Chan can master this simple exchange, so Diao Chan has long refused to fight the Snow Queen as a puppet, but rather as a family, a half-half division Friends family.
now suddenly see the Snow Queen out of the situation, Diao Chan spot urgency.
"I did not do anything, but what you do. Protoss,replica frames, you and the devil on the Snow Queen ancient music in the end did what? Are you still do not know? betray your tribe in order to conceal the fact that you actually start on the holy family, ancestors souls you this is the greatest disrespect! "two elders performance than Diao Chan also exaggerated, it is almost a no tears.
"kill, kill this bitch!" puppet master who this family under the full fury of the.
a start, they are a bit labor does not contribute, after all, Diao Chan was once their faith, even if suddenly detained on charges of betrayal, but they still do not want to kill Diao Chan with his hand, but now is not the same. Supreme holy family have been destroyed, do not kill Diao Chan, how can ping their rage?
"if the old Sand said, because the next storm caused by cable problem, we are here to stop network outage, we believe it? "