if I hadsomething in me which can't come out in any way but this. When I actI'm perfectly happy. I seem to live, to be in my own world, and eachnew part is a new friend. I love Shakespeare, and am never tired ofhis splendid people. Of course, I don't understand it all; but it'slike being alone at night with the mountains and the stars, solemnand grand, and I try to imagine how it will look when the sun comesup, and all is glorious and clear to me. I can't see, but I feel thebeauty, and long to express it.'

??As she spoke with the most perfect self-forgetfulness Josie was palewith excitement, her eyes shone, her lips trembled,nike air max 90, and all herlittle soul seemed trying to put into words the emotions that filledit to overflowing. Miss Cameron understood, felt that this wassomething more than a girlish whim; and when she answered there was anew tone of sympathy in her voice,ugg outlet, a new interest in her face, thoughshe wisely refrained from saying all she thought, well knowing whatsplendid dreams young people build upon a word, and how bitter is thepain when the bright bubbles burst.

??'If you feel this,discoint ugg boots, I can give you no better advice than to go onloving and studying our great master,' she said slowly; but Josiecaught the changed tone, and felt, with a thrill of joy, that her newfriend was speaking to her now as to a comrade. 'It is an educationin itself, and a lifetime is not long enough to teach you all hissecret. But there is much to do before you can hope to echo hiswords. Have you the patience, courage, strength, to begin at thebeginning,doudoune moncler pas cher, and slowly, painfully, lay the foundation for future work?

??Fame is a pearl many dive for and only a few bring up. Even when theydo,ugg boots outlet, it is not perfect, and they sigh for more, and lose better thingsin struggling for them.'

??The last words seemed spoken more to herself than to her hearer, butJosie answered quickly, with a smile and an expressive gesture:

??'I got the bracelet in spite of all the bitter water in my eyes.'

??'You did! I don't forget it. A good omen. We will accept it,ugg boots uk.'

??Miss Cameron answered the smile with one that was like sunshine tothe girl, and stretched her white hands as if taking some invisiblegift. Then added in a different tone, watching the effect of herwords on the expressive face before her:

??'Now you will be disappointed,Nike pas cher, for instead of telling you to come andstudy with me, or go and act in some second-rate theatre at once, Iadvise you to go back to school and finish your education. That isthe first step,ugg outlet store, for all accomplishments are needed, and a singletalent makes a very imperfect character. Cultivate mind and body,heart and soul, and make yourself an intelligent, graceful,canada goose jacket sale,beautiful, and healthy girl. Then, at eighteen or twenty, go intotraining and try your powers. Better start for the battle with yourarms in order,Moncler Outlet, and save the hard lesson which comes when we rush ontoo soon. Now and then genius carries all before it,ugg boots online, but not often.

??We have to climb slowly, with many slips and falls. Can you wait aswell as work?'

??'I will!'

??'We shall see. It would be pleasant to me to know that when I quitthe stage I leave behind me a well-trained, faithful, gifted comradeto more than fill my place, and carry on what I have much at heart--the purification of the stage. Perhaps you are she; but remember,mere beauty and rich costumes do not make an actress, nor are theefforts of a clever little girl to play great characters real art. Itis all dazz


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