Bags can be found in a variety of shapes, styles, fabrics and colors. There're designed, not only to hold your belongings, but also to make a fashion statement. When categorizing bags, think about them in 2 ways - the shape of the the bag and the way you take it. First we'll categorize bags by how you carry them.

Leather shoulder handbag

Shoulder bags come in numerous shapes and sizes. They are fairly large and may normally hold your wallet, keys, cell phone, textbooks, notepad, cosmetics and even more. They're sometimes compartmentalized with different pockets both inside and outside. These handbags are created to be worn over the shoulder. Shoulder hand bags are extremely practical and perhaps the most common bag carried by women.

A clutch is a type of bag that doesn't have handles. It could be taken in your hand or tucked under your arm. Through the entire history of handbags, clutches have been relatively small and often accessible evenings. Clutches can take your keys, driver's license, a lipstick and that's about it. However in recent years, the "oversized" clutch has grown in popularity. These bags are designed just like a regular clutch but they're much larger and can carry your entire essentials.

Clutches might be soft-bodied, framed as well as hard-cased. They come in variety of shapes and materials, including silk, patent leather and sequined fabrics. A clutch can be closed with a fold-over flap, top closure, zipper, push lock, drawstring or any number other types of closures.

Obviously, these handbags are designed to be held by hand. They have a small handle. They're not intended to be slung over the shoulder - these bags can only be handheld. They are normally smaller compared to a shoulder bag, but larger than a clutch.

Colorful tote bag

These kind of casual bags are often made from canvas. Tote bags are open at the top in most cases have only one main compartment. Tote bags are very big. When over ones shoulder, tote bags usually fall around elbow length. Tote bags are good for the beach, outside actions or buying.

Messenger hand bags are also often called crossbody bags because of how they are worn. These bags are perfect as you can't loose them! Worn over the body, messenger bag are available in numerous styles and sizes. Crossbody bags are normally worn by students and tourists.

Another bag that's popular among students is definitely the backpack. These bags have two straps and they are intended to be worn lying on your back. Backpacks are best for carrying school books, notepads and other somewhat heavy items. These are normally made of nylon, but they can be canvas or leather. Backpacks may also be perfect for traveling, hiking, camping and other activities.
Design for handbag you choose depends on what you should carry, where you are going and your personal style preferences. Many women offer an favorite that they carry almost daily, only switching to a smaller or larger bag for special occasions or circumstances. Other women own a large number of handbags and switch their bag regularly, matching it with their outfit, destination and mood.

Now that you understand the handbag categories by how you carry them, we will break it down a little further. On the next page, we discusses some of the more common shapes of handbags.