Well, except that Job actually got everything back in the end, and more (though his wayward kids stayed dead, he did get more).

How do you think the book helps Jacob understand why mother made it so they couldn't hurt each other? I think mother was wrong and you can't prevent that because they did, horribly hurt each other, worse than what she probably could have imagined - for over 1000 years.

I hated the last story so much. The man was not completely all there so she kept jumping around between what he was imagining happening and what was actually happening and he just wasn't as interesting as the rest. Lots of use of the n-word in her stories and I know that is supposed to be edgy and realistic during that time period, but it just gets old.

The final review, as far as it relates to Jacob reading this book when he's about to save Locke...

I have to go back to what I said above about him finding people who were similar to characters in the story; people who were confused, hurt, in difficult situation and behaving badly, but not necessarily bad people. They just needed to be taken out of their situation and given another chance.

I imagine he would have been reading that book and seeing how spot on it was and because he needed someone to protect the island, he wanted someone who understood the dark side of human nature, but who had been given a chance to change, who chose to change and was willing to die for what helped them to change.

It's the whole 'whoever needs and receives the most forgiveness, loves more'.

People who have a wonderful family love their family.

People who didn't have it, then got it will appreciate it more because they know what it's like to not have it.

Jacob is reading this book as he's about to save Locke from his horrible family and give him a shot at an other one.