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Thread: Do you still rank Lost as your top TV show?

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    Default Do you still rank Lost as your top TV show?

    I've been streaming a lot of tv lately that I had never seen before - went through the entire series of BSG, half way through breaking bad. I'm also a big fan of Hannibal on NBC, as well as Game of Thrones. But none of them really take the place of Lost. I'm never truly excited for an episode of these shows like I was for every Wednesday night when Lost aired. Just thinking of lost gets a feeling in my gut like I'm missing those times back when it was airing. All the mysteries and theories and adventure with those characters, I miss that stuff. How about you guys?

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    Yes, Lost is still my favorite show. My wife and I are re watching for my sixth time and we watch each Friday. I start getting excited on Tuesday.
    Breaking Bad is a close second. It is fantastic but I have to go with Lost.

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    Yep! Closely followed by Breaking Bad and Game Of Thrones. Then the other shows on my icon. Fringe, Person Of Interest, Hannibal, The Walking Dead...

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    My favorites:

    1. Lost

    It still is the top spot. Although other shows on this list excels at other points, Lost in total has a sense of awe, mystery, excitement and wonder that is too hard to top.

    2. Breaking Bad

    I would consider the performance by Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul to be superior to any of Lost, but the big cast of Lost kinda outshines it. Breaking Bad has a great atmosphere, fantastic camerawork and cinematography, interesting character developments and feels like a big, complete book. I really miss it.

    3. Dekalog

    This Polish mini-series (or 10 movies if you want. I call it a TV-show since they were 50 minutes each and aired on TV). Made by the critically acclaimed Krzysztof Kieślowski.
    One of the most real performances and believable scenarios I've ever seen. Roger Ebert says it better than me:

    4. Avatar: The Last Airbender

    Not only a kids show, but it's pretty fantastic constructed. Three seasons, all planned from the beginning, with a very defined arc for each main character. An epic journey that not only has simple and exciting action scenes, but has many parallels with Buddhism and Hinduism. I saw this in 2010, after Lost ended, and at some points the show's dramatic structure, reveals and sense of a new and exciting world reminded me of Lost.

    5. South Park / Seinfeld
    (Sorry, I couldn't decide between these two very different shows).
    Seinfeld is so brilliant on many levels and George Costanza is perhaps the best television character of all time. South Park on the other hand is hilarious on another level. I could've put The Simpsons' golden age up here, but I'm considering shows in their entirity and the 26 seasons of The Simpsons in total doesn't earn it a place on my favorites list.

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    LOST is still #1.
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    I don't rank it based on how excited I was to watch it, but by how much it has stuck with me and I still find it valuable and interesting.

    Star Trek Next Generation is up there with LOST when it comes to being excited to watch it, but LOST has stuck with me much more.

    Other shows don't even come close.

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    LOST is still #1
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    Yes, Lost still fascinates me the most.

    I've been listening to various podcasts to hear Lost discussions. "The Transmission" is my favorite Lost podcast. I'm open to other podcast suggestions though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Makarov View Post
    I'm never truly excited for an episode of these shows like I was for every Wednesday night when Lost aired.
    Lack of anticipation is likely largely due to you streaming and marathoning those shows, hard to get excited when you don't have to wait for the next episode.

    I don't think Lost would make it into a top ten list for me.

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    i think lost will always be number one for me... no show ever completely got my attention before or after really. i cant really rank them cause theyre so different. like i really dug spartacus while it was on (well the first season and the prequel) but thats cause aside from the story, the action and nudity was great.

    what are your top 10 redshirt?

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