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Thread: Westworld - filling the Lost void

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    Default Westworld - filling the Lost void

    For me it is anyway. A grounded sci fi show with characters stepping out of their normal lives to a place where they can be their true selves. A strange world to explore, mysterious corporations, lots of stuff about destiny and fate... Huge contrast between the wild west and the futuristic outside world like the flashbacks in Lost. A bit of a stretch but for me currently it's the best show since Lost ended. You've got Anthony Hopkins and Ed Harris the whole cast is amazing. Anybody watching it?

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    My wife and I are watching and we like it a lot so far.....though I admit that I'm not always completely sure what is happening.
    It even has it's own MIB!

    Edit to say we will watch the latest episode (11/13) on 11/14.
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    I watch. Good show. Unfortunately it has truncated seasons and we won't get a full 22 episode season ever, but maybe that's for the best. With such a shortened season, they better not have any filler. No "Exposé" or "Stranger in a Strange Land" on this series please.

    LOST has changed me as I can't watch this show without dissecting it and looking for clues. But at least with this show it seems worthy of such dissection, unlike some of the pale imitators of LOST in years past.
    "It wasn't all misery."

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    The Good Place is filling a similar void for me.

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