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Thread: Updating TheLOSTmap and would appreciate input

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    Default Updating TheLOSTmap and would appreciate input

    Hello Lostiies. Long time since we all used to visit site regularly. I'm finally updating my map of LOST at the site
    with a much more accurate realistic map with the benefit of a rewatch (original maps were created as show progressed). It will take a couple of months before the Site is
    updated ( a lot of maps on the site), but hopefully it will provide a good companion for a re watch and reference as I'm memorializing each scene arranged through episodes.

    Other than the map locations (Some of those will definitely change), I'm interested in criticism anything else on the site that will make it easier for people to understand.
    This would include the main map, traveling maps, the site layout, or any other thing that you might like to see different or question.

    Thanks for your input,

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