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Thread: Big offer for AU, NZ, CA, US, and UK users

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    Default Big offer for AU, NZ, CA, US, and UK users

    I recently came up with an idea for a website that will undoubtedly generate a lot of money (more than millions). I'm not just some fool who thinks his stupid idea can make billions. I know this will. I'm looking for five people (one from each of the regions in the thread title) to hire as web designers and the positions of chief executive officer, chief operating officer, chief financial officer, chief technology officer, and chief strategy officer. For those of you who are unfamiliar with web design, it's easier than you might imagine. I will tell you which programming languages you need to learn, and how to go about that, if you're hired. You will have to sign a non-disclosure contract before we can move forward, though. Let me know if you're interested asap.

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    I thought for sure this was spam and even logged in to ban your ass, then noticed your location and realized you were a actual user.

    I'm in the US and always willing to make some money but I'm not sure if LP is the best place to be recruiting as well hardly anyone ever comes around here anymore.

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