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Thread: Frank Flying Ajira 316 upside down!

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    Default Frank Flying Ajira 316 upside down!

    While doing a re-watch to do an updated map, I noticed a few things that I missed during my original viewing and subsequent re-watches.

    In season 5 while Frank is trying to land Ajira Flight 316 a flash occurs. During the flash the plane (a Boeing 737) actually does a belly roll!

    You can see from the screen shot that Frank is actually upside down flying the plane.

    What's even more amazing is I did a google check, and once a Boeing 737 actually almost did fly upside down due to pilot error.

    Frank was an amazing pilot. To be able drop from cruising altitude (30,000 -35,000 ft) to about 700 feet go through the flash in which he does a belly roll
    and then pull around a mountain that appears right in front of him and land on an unexpected runway intact with only one injury/fatality is remarkable.

    That's an amazing feat of flying.
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