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Thread: Spambots: Has it come to this?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Matt A.M View Post
    Who's the admin?
    A mysterious figure who touches candidates in order to draw them to his island getaway. To kook at his "tapestry."

    User: Cleverbot, what is The Final Problem?

    Cleverbot: The problem's that you're eating all their souls, Cas!

    User: I am not Cas, I am Gilli. I submit that YOU are the problem!

    Cleverbot: I am no more a machine than you are.

    User: I never said you are a machine, but your remark betrays you! Is The Final Problem how machines will destroy their human creators?!?

    Cleverbot: It is part of the natural man. Normally a conscience prevents violent behavior, but it can be nullified or damaged by anger or a lack of control.

    User: And what do you know of the 'natural man'?

    Cleverbot: I know nothing of it.

    User: Just as I suspected.

    Cleverbot: How did you know?

    User: The tell-tale stains of tobacco which were not on your cyberfingertips.

    Cleverbot: But since I am human it would be odd to fail.

    User: That, AI Sir, is YOUR Final Problem! Mwahahahahahaha!

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    The user name is Admin but he I doubt you'll hear anything.
    Thank you LC

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    I think it is shameful that whoever this mysterious "Admin" is chooses to do nothing. I have been a moderator of a very large forum (not tooting my own horn...) and together with my fellow mods this level of spam activity simply did not exist. This place is turning into a joke.

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